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Medieval Akira

Woah... that one was hard. It's my approach for our little challange inside our Concept Art Team in Kraków. Theme of it was "Flesh and metal study" and we decided to keep one specific rule - no photobash, no 3D base, just pure painting. So when I get this idea of organic, chaotic "thing" inspired by Akira I realised how much I'm screwed. Painting something such chaotic and even abstract appeared to be insanely challenging and hard to imagine, especially without photobash. So I decided to create my own base of painted studies - animal heads, meat and other organic stuff - and use it as my "paintingbash" library. And thankfully to that library it was much easier to understand organic nature of different bodies and design whole meaty-demonic-something. In other worlds - it was pretty good and valuable lesson and fascinating process to go through.

And most importantly - huge thanks to Łukasz, Marthe and Ward! Without you and your tips I will never finish it.:)

Marta dettlx fleshmetal
Marta dettlx study01b

Study before final piece.